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Incepted in 2005, with a team dealing with various IT Hardware, Peripherals & Data Tape Cartridges, under a nascent banner, we have been significantly persistent to attract a wide clientele and distributorship of IBM Data Storage Tapesin 2008. Specializing alongside in Elaborate Data Storage Media, Backup Tapes and Backup Tape Drives/Libraries, serving a plethora of Corporate and Enterprise clients in various sectors, we are now transforming to the next level to cater to new heights of technology with customer satisfaction, yet veteran by profession, the Tucuxi Global Solutions Pvt. Ltd.in 2018.

Aspiring to spread global soon!


Sandwiching perfectly between the vendors and customers, translating vendor standards to meet customer needs.


Persistent Quality, made possible by standards kept through convincing compliance with Vendors.


Customer Satisfaction, achieved by being the first point of contact on call to address their priorities, queries, challenges and grievances.Strong customer base, mounted on high retention of satisfied customers.

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From Tape Media to IT hardware & Peripherals, Master Key solutious to Rental Services. What ever you need we make it available. Get in touch with us !

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