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Today´s world being ruled by TECHNOLOGY, DATA rules the business. DATA STORAGE is the key that dictates every business. Here we are, TUCUXI the Data Storage Solution Providers to equip data safety with themost competitive and efficient, Tape Media Solutions offering absolute security, privacy, scalability, archivability and concrete affordability. Tucuxi Global Solutions Pvt Ltd takes it genesis to expand it´shorizon for multiple technology solutions, mounted on over 18 years of journey through IT Hardware& Systems Integration Industry. Furnishing Tape Media Solutions enabled by innovative systems & procedures with built in efficiency driven processes being our core service, we further broaden with our range of allied services/solutions including Enterprise Computing Systems, IT Hardware Accessories & Peripherals, Rentals, Services and Master Key Solutions. We thrive towards sustaining excellence by expanding our product line, superior technology, best-in-class quality, uncompromised customer satisfaction and upheld integrity, with key focus on Corporate clients of various sector, driven by an enthusiastic, dedicated team lead by the expertise of our CEO Mr.PrashantJ Kondia.

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Prashant Kondia

Our strength lies in,

  • Sandwiching perfectly between the vendors and customers, translating vendor standards to meet customer needs.

  • Persistent Quality, made possible by standards kept through convincing compliance with Vendors.

  • Customer Satisfaction, achieved by being the first point of contact on call to address their priorities, queries, challenges and grievances.

  • Strong customer base, mounted on high retention of satisfied customers.

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